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trade-mark application lawyers - Register a Trade-mark

Trademark registration lawyers. Personalized service. One flat fee.

Avoid the pitfall of unlicensed, inexperienced online services and the cost uncertainty of hourly rate large law firms. We are established lawyers with years of experience in both Canadian and U.S. trademark registration. Our streamlined personalized service will minimize registration hassles and ensure you register the strongest possible TM.

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Trademark Registration Process - Streamlined


1. Trademark Prescreen

The first step is a phone consultation to discuss important aspects of your proposed trademark. Learn more


2. Comprehensive Name Search

Depending on pre-screen results, we may recommend a more extensive trademark search. Learn more


3. Trademark Application

Once we are confident that there are no apparent conflicts, we’ll begin the trademark application process for you. Learn more


4. Examiner’s Report

When your application is reviewed by the CIPO, you may have to respond to objections raised by an Examiner. Learn more


5. Declaration of Use

If your application was based on “proposed use,” you will now need to either make a declaration confirming you are actively using the trademark in your Canadian business operations, amend your application or request a time extension to allow you to begin using it. Learn more


6. Approval, Allowance & Certificate

If your trademark application is unopposed, the CIPO will request a $200 registration fee. Learn more

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