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Our lawyers regularly provide expert legal commentary and analysis on IP law issues to the media.


We had several brand names and logos that needed to be registered both in Canada and the US. The Trademark Shop worked with our tight budget, and we’ve developed a great partnership!

Dwayne Washington, CEO/Founder, Nike UPLAY Canada

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We provide streamlined trademark registration services at a single flat fee. Avoid the pitfalls of unlicensed, inexperienced online filing services and the cost uncertainty of hourly rate large law firms. We are established trademark lawyers and registered trademark agents with decades of experience in both Canadian and US trademark registration. 


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How trademark registration works.


A typical brand identity consists of three components that can be registered with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) or the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO): brand name, logo and tagline.


Each brand name, logo and tagline requires a separate application. Applications can include a search, which ensures your trademarks are unique within your market and business sector.


At The Trademark Shop, when more than one application is filed at the same time (for example: brand name + logo; or brand name + logo + tagline), you are eligible for a discounted 'bundle' rate.


As a tech startup, we wanted an innovative, modern firm handling our trademarks. With The Trademark Shop, I could do everything by phone and email - so easy. I was surprised by how much time our lawyer spent with us. Every question was answered, and the process was explained in detail. Lawyers don't usually do that!

Ann Poochareon, Co-Founder, Little Robot Friends

Ann Poochareon, Co-Founder, Little Robot Friends

We help you with these 6 critical steps.


Comprehensive Trademark Search

After consulting with you by phone, we may recommend an extensive trademark search. If this is the case, we will order a comprehensive trademark clearance report (a full search of the relevant government trademark registry, plus common law conflicts). We will also provide a lawyer-drafted legal opinion letter summarizing the report, stating the likelihood of success, and suggesting any strategies for success.


Trademark Application

Once we are confident that there are no apparent conflicts, we’ll begin the trademark application process for you. We will expertly draft and file your trademark application for you, and become your representative on record. That means that all correspondence relating to your trademark application will be forwarded to us.


Examiner’s Report

When your application is reviewed by the CIPO, you may have to respond to objections raised by an Examiner. Most objections are simple in nature and can be resolved in a quick phone call to the CIPO, or a minor revision to the language of your application. We handle all simple (non-substantive) objections quickly and at no additional cost. In the rare case that we receive a complex (substantive) objection - based on descriptiveness, confusion with another trademark or obscenity - we will notify you immediately to discuss your options.


Approval and Oppositions

Once your application is approved by the Examiner, it will be published in a public-facing report called the Trademarks Journal. The advertisement for your trademark will include comprehensive details about your application, and gives any third parties a time-limited opportunity to oppose or challenge your trademark before it is ‘allowed’ for registration. We will notify you of any third-party oppositions immediately.


Declaration of Use

If your application was based on ‘proposed use,’ you will now need to either make a declaration confirming you are actively using the trademark in your business operations, amend your application or request a time extension to allow you to begin using it. We will handle your declaration of use for you at no additional service charge.


Allowance & Registration

If your trademark application is unopposed, your trademark will be ‘allowed’. The trademarks office will issue a letter requesting the final registration fee ($200 CAD for Canada). You can either pay this fee directly, or we will pay it on your behalf at no additional service charge. Once this final fee is paid, you will receive an official registration number.


Harley Colero is a Courier with Good Foot

Having a developmental disability doesn't have to be something sympathized - but rather celebrated. We celebrate our staff in so many ways, and our trademarks encourage this positive image. People see our quirky logo and know who we are and what we do, all by that funny little foot! The Trademark Shop helped us protect it.

Harley Colero is a  Courier with Good Foot

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