Three Advantages to Trademark Registration – Canada

Dave MacDonell

Dave MacDonell

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Advantages to Trademark Registration – Canada

If you’ve come up with a unique name, symbol or phrase to identify your company or products, you might consider registering it as a trademark with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. However, trademark registration isn’t always advised or necessary.

It’s true that, in Canada, there’s no legal requirement to register the trademark that identifies your company – trademarks exist automatically at common law. And, sometimes, as your company grows and expands, consumers will automatically associate your company with a particular name, symbol or phrase – your trademark. Even so, they are clear benefits to a Canadian trademark registration.

1. A registered trademark serves as a notice to the public. If another company comes up with the same or similar name, phrase or symbol for their business, a trademark search will reveal you as the owner of the trademark in Canada. As a result, the other company will have to change or abandon their name, phrase or symbol.

2. Exclusive rights. If you do not complete a trademark registration, you become more vulnerable to trademark infringement – other companies may use your phrase or symbol.

3. Ability to take legal action. Registering a trademark gives you better legal protection. For example, a trademark registration allows you take legal action against a company that uses your trademark without authorization more easily. A trademark registration is an absolute defence to an infringement claim in Canada.

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