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Dave MacDonell

Dave MacDonell

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What is the importance of trademark registration and why should you register your trademark?

If you run your own business, you probably work hard to make sure that everything is done to perfection. Materials used are top quality; workers are dedicated and well rewarded for their hard work; and if people are starting to recognize your brand, you are just hitting your stride as a major player in the marketplace.

You most likely have worked tirelessly coming up with ways to market the product or service you offer. Knowing you have superior service and your product is one of a kind puts you above the competition. Imagine if this wonderful image you have created could be gone over night. If your company’s logo or tagline has not been registered as a trademark Canada you put your company at risk of losing its branding to a competitor.

Because trademark law is highly specialized, many people choose to hire a trademark lawyer Canada. A trademark lawyer Canada can help make sure your application is done perfectly and the search is thoroughly conducted. When you file a trademark application, you also want to be given as much information as you can on how you can use your trademark in a way that won’t result in any infringement of others’ trademarks – a trademark lawyer Canada can help with this.

What’s also important to consider is your even need to register your trademark, which is covered in our Do you need to register your trademark article. Additionally, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office provides a useful guide on what to consider before trademark registration.

If you are looking for a trademark lawyer Toronto, visit with several lawyers and ask questions. Once you feel comfortable, and you can rest assured that your trademark will be protected.

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